Children 4-11 years

For children in primary schools or nurseries who need therapy support.

Primary years therapy

Primary years therapy

Our expert therapists support children with neurodisabilities or developmental challenges.

Our team includes occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, physiotherapists and conductive education practitioners. We offer advice, support, assessment and practical help to children, their parents and teachers.

We can help


Your feel your child would benefit from some therapy input to support them in their primary school.

Curriculum access

Your child is in a mainstream primary school but struggling to access the curriculum.

School support

Your child’s primary school needs additional help to support your child.

We specialise in supporting children with neurodisabilities. If your child is struggling to carry out the normal activities of childhood: play, learning, caring for themselves, communicating – then we can help.

Accessing support

Contact us directly if you have concerns about your child. Your child doesn’t need a diagnosis to use Pace services.


You can refer your child today using the button at the bottom of this page.

What does primary years therapy look like?

Extra support

Primary years support offers therapy to children who attend mainstream primary schools (i.e. not a specialist school for children with disabilities). The aim is to ready your child to access the curriculum by supporting all aspects of your child’s development. 

Assessment and goals

Once your child has been referred to Pace, there will be an assessment and we’ll discuss your goals with you. The care your child receives will be  unique to your family. 

Therapy, advice and training

Therapies and advice can be delivered one-to-one or in group sessions at the therapy centre, or online. We may visit your child’s school for further assessment, provide advice and can offer training to the school team. We regularly check progress and set new goals for your child, together with you. Typically, we work in blocks of six sessions.  

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