Covid-19 update

Your child’s safety and wellbeing is our priority. We monitor government guidance and our own risk assessments to provide appropriate protection to our community.
We produce detailed risk assessments for Pace activities, underpinned by the following key Covid-19 mitigation practises:


Organisation-wide ‘bubble’ system

We have an established system of self-contained bubbles of small numbers of children and staff. These can be implemented quickly as required.


Lateral flow testing (LFT)

In line with government guidelines, staff working on site test twice-weekly. Guests and visitors are asked to test on the morning of their visit.



Staff are encouraged to ensure they are vaccinated in line with the government’s programme.


Symptom awareness/Test and Trace

Staff or children with symptoms, or those with family members exhibiting symptoms, are directed to follow national guidance and test and trace protocols.



Staff not needed for bubble groups are encouraged to work from home wherever possible, in line with government guidance.


Entry to buildings

Staff, children and visitors will have their temperature taken before admission. Visitor numbers will be kept to a minimum.


Awareness, training and signage

Staff arriving back onto site will receive induction training, to cover social distancing, handwashing, use of PPE and symptom awareness. Signage will be updated across all Pace buildings.


Screening and markings

Additional safety screening will be used in reception areas. Floor markings will indicate social distancing measures in shared areas.


Hygiene stations

Extra hygiene stations will be set up at entrances into buildings and classrooms. Some sinks are for handwashing only.



Workspaces will be well ventilated wherever possible, through open windows and skylights.



Additional periodic cleaning will be conducted during working hours (with a focus on high contact areas such as door handles and toilets). Thorough evening cleaning will continue.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PPE (including gloves, aprons, masks and face shields) will be used as appropriate across our services.

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