In memory donation

We receive very generous donations each year from people whom we are unable to thank personally. Their loved ones donate to Pace in their memory, and we are incredibly grateful. As we receive an In Memory gift we add their names to this page to say a special thank you.

Thank you for choosing to donate to Pace in memory of your loved one

How you are helping

Photo of 3 boys with a neurodisability in an art lesson at Pace school. They have a canvas on the floors and creating a picture with lots of brightly coloured paints. All of the boys are laughing and smiling.

How you are helping

When you decide to make a donation to Pace to remember your loved one you are helping to transform the lives of babies, children and young people with a neurodisability like cerebral palsy.

This could be through our Early Intervention therapies for babies and toddlers, helping our children and young people who come to Pace school to learn daily living skills and become more independent or improving their strength, movement and confidence in specialist swimming lessons.

Your donations help them to reach their full potential and take their place in the world.

Choose how you would like to donate below.

Thank you from all of us at Pace.

Make a donation in their memory

Read more about the babies, children & young people your loved ones are helping

Girl with Cerebral Palsy feeding sheep

Meet Bella-Skye

Bella-Skye’s increased tone makes it difficult for her to use her hands with accuracy and, without intervention, significantly limits how she can access and explore her environment. Bella-Skye is a highly motivated pupil and will always try her best, even when she finds tasks really hard.

Meet Joey

Joey is 7 years old has a diagnosis of Periventricular Cerebral Palsy which affects all areas and in particular his lower limbs, trunk and left arm and hand, but his difficulties extend beyond these physical challenges. Joey started Pace in September 2017 and during his first visit it was clear that he was a very self-conscious little boy who found his body very difficult to use resulting in him being withdrawn, lacking self-confidence and self esteem. Therefore, building Joey’s social and emotional mental health was as important as developing his physical skills.

Meet Maisie

Maisie was born by emergency C-section. The blood flow between Maisie and her mother’s placenta had reversed and she was born with very little blood in her body. She needed to be resuscitated and had a number of seizures.