Babies & toddlers: age 0-3 years

Our service for babies and toddlers. Referrals can be made by parents and healthcare practitioners.

Early intervention

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Early intervention

Early childhood is a time of critical development that sets the stage for your child’s future. Babies and toddlers can benefit from specialist support – and we can help parents learn new skills, and reduce concerns.

At Pace we understand and we can help.

We can help.

Difficult start

Your baby had a difficult start, perhaps spending time in the neonatal unit.

Missed Milestones

You are worried about your child’s development, they have missed milestones or they have developmental delay.


Your child had a neurodisability diagnosis such as cerebral palsy.

What does early intervention look like?

Early intervention provides intensive, specialist support to you and your family.

Working side by side, we’ll support your family life.
You’ll learn how to help your child learn new skills, and you’ll grow in confidence as you help them to reach their potential. We will support you as you advocate for your child.

First, your child is assessed. Then we’ll work with you to make a plan to support their development. Our therapies can support their movement, communication, sleep, eating and drinking. Best of all, it happens through play, with you, guided by an expert.

Early intervention is highly effective for babies and toddlers. It gives them the very best start, so they can achieve their potential today and throughout their lives.

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What therapies are provided?

The care your baby or toddler receives will be unique to them. Therapies we provide to babies and toddlers include:

Real life stories

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Meet Maisie

Maisie was born by emergency C-section. The blood flow between Maisie and her mother’s placenta had reversed and she was born with very little blood in her body. She needed to be resuscitated and had a number of seizures.

Meet Isabelle

Isabelle has cerebral palsy and global developmental delay. She doesn’t get much support from her local NHS community team. But since she and her family came to Pace, Isabelle has been making great progress, through face-to-face sessions and teletherapy during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Meet Ben

Ben is 4 and has been coming to Child and Family sessions at Pace since April 2019. Ben lives at home with his Mum, Dad and older brother. He was born at term following an uneventful pregnancy. Ben was found to have a heart defect and required surgery when he was 4 months old.

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To access support

Contact us directly if you have concerns about your child. Your child doesn’t need a diagnosis to use Pace services, and early intervention is free to toddlers under two years old. Healthcare practitioners can also refer children to us.

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