Physiotherapy helps to develop movement and physical function.

What is Physiotherapy

At Pace, our physiotherapists are specialists in posture and movement because of their training in neurological and musculoskeletal systems. Our therapists have specialist knowledge of physiotherapy in children; we understand how children develop their physical skills.


We work with you to identify goals and develop a plan to build on your child’s physical abilities. We can recommend equipment and splints to support your child and help them achieve their goals. Play and fun is a key focus of our sessions.

Physiotherapy includes


Your child’s physical skills, also known as motor milestones are assessed by our physiotherapists. We may look at your child’s range of movement, muscle tone, pain, posture and patterns of movement such as gait analysis.


Your child will have a bespoke therapy programme, designed by our physiotherapists. We focus on developing your child’s posture and movement whatever their starting point or rate of progress. Your child’s level of confidence, comfort and pain are considered at all times. These programmes are flexible and are built around your child’s goals. We also offer post-surgical rehabilitation programmes.


Our physiotherapists provide support and training for anyone who cares for your child, including parents, carers and other practitioners. Physiotherapy management aims to promote posture and movement skills, and reduce the chance or severity of contractures, deformity and pain.