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An individual approach to meeting your child’s needs

We offer expert advice, support, assessment and practical help for babies and children aged 0-18 and their families.  We provide effective tailored programmes to meet the specific needs of children with developmental delays, motor difficulties and/or sensory impairment.

We provide a range of therapy services for babies and children, where there are concerns with developmental progress or known disabilities. As well as helping children to achieve their full potential, we equip parents with the skills and knowledge they need to support their child.

We believe that providing your child with the right therapies at the earliest opportunity gives them the best chance in life. This early intervention model is supported by current research.

Our early intervention services are designed for babies, especially those leaving neonatal intensive care units.  Children do not require a diagnosis to benefit from our services.


Our team is multi-skilled and comprises of specialists in:

occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, conductive education. This breadth of expertise means we’re able to make a comprehensive assessment of your child’s needs. Assessment can include: sensory needs, movement skills, communication, attachment, self-soothing and regulation, feeding, sleep, play and learning skills.


We treat every child individually

All sessions include parents or carers in the therapy process. We use a range of different therapy approaches, depending on your child’s needs. Often the sessions are based on play.

Our interventions are multi-faceted, using a wide range of research-based interventions. Our programmes are committed to empowering families to set and achieve their own goals.


We can offer intensive blocks of therapy when appropriate.

What child and family parents say

“Professionals at Pace have a great knowledge and experience of children with neuromotor disabilities. As a parent it is extremely reassuring to know that our children are in capable hands”.

“Before we found Pace we had ad hoc and reactive support from other health professionals and we felt isolated, lost and we did not feel that we were in a position to help our child the most and give him the greatest chance to progress. Since being involved with Pace we have learnt so many useful tips and techniques, ideas for games that weave therapy into them, had loans of equipment, and we have felt generally supported so that we can carry over their excellent sessions into our daily handling and playing with our child. We have felt less stressed and the pressure has been taken off us a little bit as we know that he is getting really good, consistent therapy and learning input each week”.

“Pace has made a world of difference to my child. She is happier, more content, more vocal and able to express her needs better. This leads to her being happier and therefore more settled. Her mobility skills have been helped immensely; she is now able to use a walker which we never thought possible”.

Real life stories


Cerys is 3 years old and has been attending PIPs at Pace for the past 2 years. When she started she was only able to lie on her back and move her arms and legs a bit, her hands were tightened into little fists and she found it hard to coordinate her body with her vision and hearing. Sadly she had sustained severe brain damage following a collapse after birth, a traumatic and life-changing event, not only for her, but also for her parents, wider family and friends.

For the past 2 years Pace has played a strong and consistent part in her and her family's life. She attends weekly 1:1 therapy sessions and also had the opportunity to experience a term of hydrotherapy. She has learned to do a lot of things with her body since starting at Pace – her hands are now relaxed and open, she can roll and push herself up when lying on her stomach. She likes to touch things and is working hard on learning to sit independently (her next big goal). She even managed to learn to swim with the help of a neck float, being ‘free’ and moving independently in the water is very relaxing for her.

The amazing therapy team at Pace have made all this possible. It’s a great organisation that gives so much to so many children and their parents.

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