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Find out about our ambitious strategy to transform the lives of children with neurodisabilities.

Delivering National Impact

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Delivering National Impact

Pace is a charity with a compelling and impactful history and a bold vision for the future.

Ours is a charity that is grounded in three decades of transformational support for children with neurodisabilities, in Buckinghamshire and the surrounding counties. But step by step, we’re moving towards the vision that we’ve held for a long time – to enable every child in the UK with a neurodisability to access life-transforming educational and clinical support that is aligned with the Pace approach.
Although we recognise the critical need to ensure that our local provision continues to be of the highest quality and impact, we recognise that we have a responsibility to do much more to reach the many families across the UK who are currently unable to access a centre like ours.

That means a real focus on digital provision – of teletherapy and online advice and support. It means ensuring that providers and practitioners can learn from us and replicate our models of practice. And it means demonstrating with clarity what works, and what doesn’t, for children and young people with complex neurodisabilities – particularly in the critically important areas of early intervention and technology.

You can find out more about our three core strategic priorities below.

Explore our three core strategic priorities:

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Our vision and strategy are ambitious. We want to be a charity with a genuinely national impact, identifying and delivering best practice provision for children with neurodisabilities. If you think you can support that work, click the button below to find out more.

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