Pace Digital

Pace is committed to harnessing the power of digital to reach many more families, nationally and internationally.

The Power of Digital

In many parts of the country, and particularly where they lack access to a specialist centre like Pace, families and practitioners struggle to access high quality and relevant support, advice and training that can help them to support children and young people with neurodisabilities.

Pace is committed to harnessing the power of digital to reach many more families, nationally and internationally.

We recognise that the power of digital can help to connect us to families that lack support in their local area and can also help us to upskill practitioners and providers in those areas.

Pace Digital incorporates three key elements:


Covid made it a necessity for us to develop new ways to reach our existing families – but increasingly we recognise teletherapy as a critical way to reach families who lack access to a centre like Pace, nationally and internationally.

Advice & Support

Our goal is to deliver a rich and practical library of resources to families and practitioners, to help them to support children with neurodisabilities. This website, and particularly the Advice and Support and parent forum pages are key to that provision.


Pace has a rich and highly effective training programme, which we use to develop our own staff team and to train other practitioners. The third phase of Pace Digital will see that training delivered increasingly online.

Our Progress to Date


We have launched and successfully embedded our teletherapy service, which allows us to reach families beyond our traditional catchment area. We have also built our teletherapy studio, which provides a high-quality facility for developing and delivering digital therapy resources.


We have developed our new “digital-ready” Pace brand, which is reflected throughout this website.

Advice and Support

We have developed and delivered our advice and support hub on this web portal, with a growing library of practical resources for children and families.

Our 2022 Priorities

  • We will fund and recruit a curator for our Pace Digital platform.
  • We will continue to develop high quality practical resources, as well as sourcing them from other selected digital partners.
  • We will develop plans and seek to fund the third phase of Pace Digital, a learning management system through which we can deliver training to other providers and practitioners.

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