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Corporate sponsorship and partnership opportunities

Whatever your motivation, Pace has a service, project or event to suit. We understand that as a business you have your own objectives and priorities. You might want to fulfil your corporate social responsibility requirements while engaging the team in a building project or through an employee vote for Charity of the Year. You might want to secure some positive PR, launch a new product or service, or develop an existing one. Pace is keen to understand your business needs and will work closely with you to develop mutually beneficial partnerships.

Charity of the


A very effective way of involving the whole company in the work of Pace is by adopting us as Charity of the Year. This is a real demonstration of a business’ commitment to citizenship and communities.

Pace will work with you to develop a communication plan that meets your needs and objectives. We can work with you to motivate staff and customers, as well as promote the partnership through our email, social media and offline communications.

Gifts in


You can support Pace in other ways such as helping us reduce our costs, or volunteering your time and professional services.

Do you have unwanted end of line stock? Are you upgrading your office furniture or computer systems? All sorts of items can benefit Pace and save us large sums of money!

Perhaps your workplace has a conference or sports facility that could be made available to Pace? Wine for our fundraising dinners? Items suitable for our regular auctions or raffles?


Employee Engagement

According to research conducted by ‘Business in the Community’, 87% of employees believe that a company that supports work in its community is a good company to work for. Employee fundraising has benefits for both the employer and those staff involved: it can develop a new sense of team, people acquire new skills and everyone leaves feeling they have made a real difference.


We also run a range of fundraising events throughout the year, and in return your organisation will gain exposure to our volunteers, parents and supporters. We have opportunities to sponsor events such as:

  • The Children’s Challenge
  • Golf Day
  • The Big Walk
  • Challenge Hikes
  • Challenge Cycles


Why not enter a team or group to one of our exciting fundraising events and challenge your staff to raise money? You can then match the value they raise and double the donation.

Benefits for supporting Pace

  • Positive PR – it reinforces your credentials as a responsible business and builds loyalty among both customers and employees, who feel better knowing they have made an indirect donation to a good cause
  • Differentiating brand reputation – it sets you apart from the rest and makes positive connections in the community
  • Companies can deduct charitable gifts in full from total profits before calculating corporation tax for the year. The company therefore receives tax relief on the full donation.

In 2002 MORI found that 44% of the British public believed that when buying a product it was important to know that the company showed a high degree of corporate social responsibility. Research has proven that a brand associated with a cause can positively affect the consumer’s perception of it and the company selling the product or service. In addition, 89% of consumers have bought a product or service linked to a charity in the past 12 months.


What next?

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