Attention and regulation

This is about managing emotions, behaviour and reactions. Your child may find it hard to self-regulate – but Pace can help.

What is attention and regulation

Regulating ourselves and controlling our attention includes being able to:
• manage strong emotions like frustration, excitement or anger
• calm down after something exciting or upsetting
• focus on a task, and refocus on a new task
• control impulses
• cope with stressful situations and recover afterwards
• maintain a calm, alert state that helps us learn

Managing attention and regulation can be hard for children with neurodisabilties, but working with your child in this area will be foundational for their whole development. If you help your child learn to regulate, you will help them make friends, become more independent and access academic learning.

How Pace can help

How Pace can help

We help your child develop strategies so they can maintain focus, manage their behaviour and recognise and control their emotions.

We have a family-focused approach, so you will likely be part of the sessions with your child. We will equip you and your child with ‘tools of regulation’ – simple activities to cope, which have a big impact. This might include breathing techniques or using equipment to give sensory feedback.

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