Your relationship with your child is so important – but we know it can be difficult. Let’s work together on this.

What are relationships?

What are relationships?

We all need positive relationships in life – and the foundation for building relationships is laid in childhood.

The bond between parent and child is totally unique. Every time you interact, play and communicate with your child, the relationship grows. It sets the framework for your child’s personality and behaviour to develop. Secure parent-child relationships help children manage stress, boost wellbeing, promote emotional development and build academic and problem-solving skills.

What your child might experience

For many of our families, relationships can be an emotive and difficult topic. We understand this; it can be hard to care for a disabled child and you’ll have good days and bad days. 

You and your child may have had a different experience of early parenthood. It’s understandable if your relationship with your child is impacted by stress and anxiety; you may need time to process what’s happened so far – and maybe even grieve. 

Meanwhile, your child might find it difficult to build or sustain relationships. This can affect the whole family. If your child has movement challenges, they may find it hard to engage in gestures which support a close relationship, such as eye contact, holding hands or hugging.  

You may also have a very special bond with your child. Being attuned to the sensory needs of your child and responding supportively builds an extremely close relationship. Having confidence and resilience in the relationship means you enjoy and cherish time with your child.  

How Pace can help

We can help you and your child develop your relationship. We’ll support you to build positive connections, and grow your child’s confidence. And we’ll be there when things get tough, too. 

We work closely with your family and your child to build trust and a sense of safety. We want you to ask questions and feel there are no barriers. We establish goals with you, and celebrate your child’s progress. 

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