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Learn more about how your child may access the curriculum and learning – and see how Pace can help you.

What is ‘access to the curriculum and learning’?

What is ‘access to the curriculum and learning’?

There are many stages of learning. Babies learn about the world through their senses. Children develop the ability to reason and think. We learn best when it’s at the right level – and when it’s fun.

Certain skills are essential to ensure a child is ready to learn. Foundational skills include gross and fine motor skills, hand skills, hand-eye coordination, play, memory and the ability to manage wellbeing. Establishing these foundations before a child reaches school-age can impact their whole lives.

‘Curriculum access’ relates to the extent to which your child is able to take part in school activities alongside children the same age, at a level appropriate to their needs.

What your child might experience


Your child learns in their own way and at their own pace – after all, learning is a complex activity. We learn best when we enjoy ourselves. For some children with neurodisabilities, learning is a challenge.


Your child may feel frustrated that they cannot master a subject, despite trying hard. They may act out, feel anxious or withdraw. Your child might have a low attention span, which makes it hard to follow instructions and stay organised.


Some children lack coordination, which means moving around is a challenge and activities like writing, cutting and drawing are difficult.

How Pace can help

How Pace can help

All children have a right to access a learning curriculum. We help by providing tools, breaking down tasks, helping children problem solve and adapting activities so children can achieve learning goals.

Pace also runs an independent specialist school for children aged 3-16 with neurodisabilities, including cerebral palsy.

Skilled teams work together to deliver our unique integrated curriculum. Here, therapeutic priorities and subject-based knowledge and skills combine to enable every child’s success. At Pace School:

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