Pace / Training

A specialist training team

Pace has more than 25 years of experience in providing highly specialist and effective education and intervention for children and young people with motor disorders and related learning and developmental challenges. We are therefore committed to extending knowledge and skills in the field of cerebral palsy and sensory motor disorders in our own staff team and with other professionals and practitioners working in paediatric therapy, mainstream and special education and care.

Our senior specialist transdisciplinary team, including conductors, therapists and teachers, has developed a fully comprehensive training curriculum for use by our own staff. Selected courses and modules on cerebral palsy and related topics are also offered to external organisations, practitioners, parents and families.

Committed to high quality training

Our aim is to provide relevant, high quality training that is tailor made to meet the learning needs of every participant. A variety of training methods and resources are used to create an optimal learning environment and to make learning enjoyable. Participants are given course materials for future reference. Feedback from participants is used for continual review and adaptation of courses.

All courses are delivered by one or more of our experienced training team members and can be delivered in our training facilities located on our Bradbury Campus, Aylesbury, or can be tailor made and delivered at other locations.