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Funding for our services

Services for our 0-3 years Child and Family Therapy Service are not eligible for statutory funding.

All of our services are heavily subsidised, or where funding allows free of charge, thanks to our supports and funders. Families are, in the most part, asked to pay towards the services they access. We will never turn a family away because they are unable to pay. Higher needs funding may be available which will offer a small contribution for children with higher needs who are under the age of 5.

We offer advice on the application process for Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP), which should be made as soon as possible (dependent on your circumstances) to make sure they are in place by the time your child reaches school age.

Sessional services

There are a number of charities that support our Child and Family Therapy Service and that will help to fund our work with individual children. We will happily help families to access those funds where appropriate. Our Director of Fundraising is happy to meet with you to discuss the best ways in which we can support you to fund your child’s place at Pace.


Fees will be invoiced on confirmation of the services offered:

Under 1 years (corrected age) Free
Pre-school (age 1-4) £40
Reception to School Year 6 £50
School Years 7 – 13 £60

Assessment and therapy costs available on request

Baby massage in groups of up to 5 (block of 5 sessions): £40

If you live more than an easy drive from Aylesbury, we would be happy to propose an intensive block of sessions over the course of a week.

Thank you to our funders

Funding FAQ

+ - How will I know what I need to pay?

An invoice will be raised once your booking has been confirmed and will be posted to the address provided by you.

+ - How do I pay for the sessions?

Cheques and bank transfers are both accepted as payments. Please do not bring cash to give to the therapists.

+ - How long do I have to pay the invoice?

Our payment terms are 14 days from the date of the invoice. Please contact Ann Tomkins to discuss your payment if you can not meet the invoice terms.

+ - How do I book more sessions?

Our specialists will work with you and advise you on what sessions and services are best for your child. You can book more sessions with the Child and Family Therapy team when necessary.

+ - What happens if I miss a session?

If you cannot attend a session and you let us know, then a new appointment will be given. If you fail to attend without contacting us, we will be unable to carry your session forward.

+ - How much does Pace raise each year?

Pace needs to raise £1.4 million a year to subsidise all the services provided to children aged 0-14.

+ - What is the cost for Pace to run a PIPs session?

Each hour session costs £109 to run. Pace covers £69 of the costs of individual sessions.

For blocks of 6 sessions, the cost is £651. Pace covers £398 of these costs through our charitable fundraising.

+ - Can I fundraise to pay for my sessions?

Yes. The best way to raise funds for your sessions is through grants from organisations that aim to help individual children access the support they need. Our trust and philanthropy manager will support you with applications for funds as required.

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