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Volunteer at Pace

Giving your time and skills to Pace is rewarding for you, and vital for us. You will develop new skills, gain experience and meet your corporate social responsibility objectives. But most importantly your time and participation allow Pace’s resources to go much further to help our children and families and puts you and/or your organisation at the heart of our community.

We are presently looking to recruit volunteers for the following roles:

  • Collection box superstars
  • Event hosts (occasional)
  • Pace class buddies (aged 16-19 only) (3 vacancies at present)
  • Office angel
  • Volunteer co-ordinator
  • Fundraising events – range of opportunities
  • Marketing and communications
  • Trades support.

I thought it was a very rewarding day. It was a pleasure to help such a worthwhile cause and it was great to meet so many caring and loving people… their work is so important to those people affected by cerebral palsy and their families and friends.

Neil Barclays

Pace are a friendly and approachable bunch to work with. Since coming to volunteer here I have re-learned how to work in an office environment after years away from it. At the same time, whilst using my position to help me grow, by volunteering you feel that in turn you are giving something back. A win-win situation.

Jayn / Volunteer receptionist

I was just so inspired and moved by my experience. I am so glad this year I was able to volunteer at Pace. I hope to do more work with them and the amazing children they support.

Samantha Barclays

It was just so amazing and the thought we are helping children just made it that bit more special.

Audry / Fundraising Events Volunteer

How you can help

If you would like to consider something else, there are three typical ways you can help Pace as a volunteer:


Can you spare a few hours to help out at one of our inspirational events such as the Children's Challenge or the Pace Big Walk?

You will be welcomed with open arms, your contribution will be gratefully received and it feels good to get involved too.


Lend your professional skills to help Pace. Are you an accountant, digital wiz or photographer?

Whatever your skill or occupation we would love to hear from you. Volunteering is great for your CV too. So why not up-skill and help Pace at the same time? It's a win-win situation!


Could your company organise a corporate volunteering day with Pace?

For example, a large team from Harbourvest helped us to prepare our Bradbury Campus site for the opening of our new building by donating a day in November 2015.

All our volunteers make such a difference to our children.
We are so grateful that they inspire, support and help the children be the best that they can be.

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