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A gift of a lifetime

Pace have been supporting children with cerebral palsy and similar neurodisabilities for over 30 years. We have grown from supporting six children to over 400 babies, children and young people a year. Supporters like you are vital in achieving the continued growth and life changing impact for more children across the UK with conditions like cerebral palsy.

Have you thought about how to continue your support of babies, children and young people with neurodisabilities after you have gone? A gift in your will to Pace will give more children with neurodisabilities the opportunity to learn the essential life skills they need to develop as independent individuals.

Gifts in wills come in all shapes and sizes and we are hugely grateful for them all. A gift in your will can allow more children with motor or developmental challenges to grow in confidence, develop new skills and unlock their potential.

Gifts left in wills are so important. They mean we can continue to support disabled children and offer our vital services for another 30 years.

Whatever you can give

Once your family and friends have been taken care of, please consider Pace in your will.  You can help transform the lives of many more children with neurodisabilities in the years ahead.

Whatever you choose to leave us, you will be giving a child with a neurodisability the opportunity to learn, grow and take their place in the world.  Gifts can be a percentage of your estate or specific amounts of money. If you have specific plans or any questions, please get in touch with the Farewill team in confidence.

Whatever you can give, we thank you.

Free will writing services.

We have teamed up with Farewill to offer supporters the opportunity to write their will for free. You don’t have to include a gift in your will to Pace to use this service, but we hope you will consider a gift once loved ones are provided for.

You can write your will online in less than 30 minutes. If your estate or situation is more complicated, or you feel you would like more guidance, the Farewill free will writing service is also available over the phone.

Online with Farewill

Write your will online in 30 minutes with professional support from Farewill, the largest will writer in the UK.


Write your will online here.

Telephone with Farewill

If you have a more complicated estate and would feel more comfortable completing your will over the telephone with a Farewill professional.

Please request a call back. 

Important Information

  • This service is available to supporters in England and Wales.
  • Free unlimited updates for a year are included. After the first year, Farewill charge an annual fee of £10 a year for further updates and support. Supporters have the choice to opt out of the update service at any time.
  • Both individual and couple wills are included in this will service.
  • Any gift you leave to a charity is free of UK Inheritance Tax.
  • A gift in your will can support many more children with neurodisabilities.

Speak to our fundraising team

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