It’s Changing Places Awareness Day

Author: Louise Walker

Posted on: 07/19/2022

Category: Pace

Changing Places Toilets! How they really CHANGE lives. For people with complex disabilities – where the hand rails and wider doors of typically disabled toilets just aren’t enough, accessing the wider community is extremely challenging.


We want to share a story with you to show just how much of an impact Changing Places Toilets have had on the activities we can offer as a school.


It was Christmas 2019. Our primary school had organised a trip to town to see Father Christmas.


Simple really. Not quite.


We had to hire a bedroom at a local hotel and take a hoist, changing mats and supplies there. The walk was 10 minutes from the town centre to the hotel room, with two to three adults to toilet each child.


This level of planning and effort was possible because we are an organisation with teams of professionals. Imagine if you were a single parent wanting to take your child on this trip. It’s practically impossible.


Cut to 2020 and the Changing Places Toilet that is now in Upper Hundreds car park, Aylesbury. Trips like this are so much more accessible to for us as a school, and for families too!


Thank you Changing Places!


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