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My Way is a newly developed application by Pace, designed to support a child’s communication, expressions, and individuality. My Way is a playful, fun and creative platform that empowers users to participate in their daily childhood antics! Users can tell jokes or stories, make sounds and funny noises – all in their own way.


No matter the access method: switch (including multiple switches), keyboard or touchscreen, no matter their accent, phrase or word, My way helps children with SEND express themselves.


For many communication devices/ Voice Output Communication Aids (VOCA) “speakers voice” is either too robotic or doesn’t reflect the child’s age, gender, heritage or personality. With My Way, the user can have friends, family or carers record sayings and sounds as the user would want. Allowing the user individualised expression.

An Indian teenager can have his male cousin of a similar age record his request for his favourite song. A Chinese girl can have her sister record the words to her favourite song, so that she can sing along. Personal, individual, and easy to use.

Download the app here and watch the how to video below.

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Introducing My Way

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