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The power of music- giving our children a voice

Have you ever sung along to your favourite song on the radio and felt instantly lifted? Have you ever heard a melody that made you want to cry, or laugh or want to get up and dance? Then you know the power of music!

For the children at Pace, music therapy is every bit as powerful. Children with disabilities often experience significant emotional and social difficulties, such as anxiety or low self-esteem. They could be finding a situation at home difficult or struggling with their own challenges.

As adults we can sometimes find it hard to understand how we are feeling, now imagine not being able to express those feelings, because you do not have the vocabulary to do so or because communication is a challenge in itself.

Music gives our children a voice. A way to express themselves, identify emotions and cope with their daily lives. Which is why we want to raise £12,000 to make sure that Lucy, our music therapist can continue to work with the children at Pace for another year!

Give our children a voice through the power of music

By donating to our appeal, you will be giving our children a voice and breaking down the barriers created by the conditions they live with. Children who regularly battle stress which can affect their everyday lives as well as their learning can be transformed by the sound of an instrument or the joy of
making music themselves. THANK YOU!

Once you have donated, remember to share it on social media! Every donation and every share will support this vital appeal.

Supporting children just like Sean:

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Why music?

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Thank you!

Every donation is adding more music to our children’s lives, so please give today