Luke Thompson

Role: Head of Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology Services

Head of Assistive Technology

Head of Assistive Technology

Luke Thompson has worked with children, young people and their families for over 18 years. As an Occupational Therapist, in the last 7 years Luke has specialised in working with children with Neuro-disabilities and Assistive Technology [AT]. Luke is specifically known for designing and defining the first SMART Special school in the UK (Pace, Aylesbury) and developing the Seven Stages of Switch Development.

Luke holds a small caseload of clients to ensure his expertise continues to be tethered to real world experiences. Luke consults with other therapists on their caseload. He also provides training on areas of AT, manages the AT service at Pace and consults with organisations on their provision and strategy for AT. Furthermore, he manages special AT programmes and innovations like the; Seven Stages of Switch Development, AT library, SMART School, and Pace Simulator Chair.

Luke is the inventor of the patented Pace Power Wheelchair Simulator. He is co-creator of the Pace MyWay App and has partnered with Imperial College London for the last 3 years, developing many other tech solutions for people with disabilities (e.g. accessible zip, AI signing, AR interventions, ultimate switch).

Luke works with Enayball where he consults on product development. He also volunteers with International China Concern, working with disabled and abandoned children in China. Luke lived in China for over a year and regularly returns to provide equipment and expertise.

Luke is on clinical advisory boards for Gripable (upper limb intervention) and Motion UK (motorised exoskeletons and orthosis for children with cerebral palsy). Luke has also partnered with, consulted, supported research, and trialled, a wide range of the latest AT. For example, The Parallel, Ubitech, Filisia’s Cosmo, Permobil’s Mini Explorer, Lusio Mate, IBM Extreme Blue, Daytot Joey and Pretorian Environ. Luke is an assessor for the MERU Bugzi and is experienced in postural assessments and complex power wheelchair recommendations.

Luke was the business lead for the Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT) specialist group Children Young People and Families (CYPF). Luke was key in setting up CYPF’s first virtual conference.

Luke is an individual with a strong altruistic drive. He has an ambition for excellence and a desire to see children, young people and adults who have disabilities achieve their full potential in today and tomorrow’s world. Luke is driven to get the ultimate good out of the resources he has available for those he works with. He has outstanding references from all previous and current clients and their families.
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