My Way communication app

A free app developed by Pace to enhance communication, expression and exploration

My Way is a new application that has been developed by Pace and designed to support a child’s communication, expression and individuality.


My Way is a creative and fun platform that empowers SEND children and those with a neurodisability like cerebral palsy who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication – also known as AAC – for all or part of their communication with the world.


This free AAC application enables users to tell jokes and stories, make sounds and funny noises – all in their own way.


My Way can be accessed via a switch (or multiple switches), a keyboard, or a touchscreen and helps children to express themselves.


The speaker’s voice on many communication devices (e.g. Big Mac, EyeGaze or Light Writer) can be robotic or not reflective of a child’s age, gender, heritage or personality. With My Way, the user can choose whose voice they want to hear, with friends, family or carers able to record words, sentences and sounds for them.

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