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Sensory motor disorders can affect children in different ways. Some children require specialist education and support for the duration of their schooling; some children will integrate with mainstream education when they are able. Whether a child starts their mainstream education from an early age, or later in their school career, we believe that giving nonspecialist professionals the skills and knowledge they need to work with children with motor disorders will enhance the children’s education and development, empowering them to reach their full potential.

Understanding the effects of cerebral palsy for a child or young person in a mainstream setting – an introduction

This one day course, comprising three modules, provides a comprehensive introduction to cerebral palsy and its effect on learning and development for all practitioners and professionals who work with children and young people with cerebral palsy in mainstream settings.

The course is accompanied by a downloadable Curriculum Resource Guide and a Core Toolkit, which provides detailed information on all aspects of cerebral palsy and web links for further information and advice. Practitioners or settings who buy this training package will be able to access updated information through the electronic version of the Curriculum Resource Guide and Core Toolkit on Pace’s training website for a period of 12 months from the course date.

The course has been developed and is delivered by expert professionals who have many years of experience supporting children and young people with cerebral palsy.

The course can be delivered in school settings at a time to suit you or your organisation.

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Eating & Drinking Course (for children with motor related disorders)

Eating, Drinking Feeding children with cerebral palsy

This 1-day introductory course has been developed for Support Assistants/Workers, Conductors, Teaching/Care Staff, and other professionals who directly assist children with Cerebral Palsy and related motor disorders to eat and drink.

The course offers Awareness Level Training under the Inter Professional Dysphagia Framework. Lectures and workshops will give a basic knowledge of typical feeding development and the difficulties children with motor disorders have with eating & drinking skills. Areas covered include: aspiration and reflux, home/school intervention and management techniques.

Key Outcomes:

> Understand the anatomy, physiology and developmental progression of eating & drinking

> Identifying eating & drinking difficulties

> Recognise signs/risk of aspiration

> Recognise signs of reflux

> Practice texture modification and techniques for safety and skill development

Delegates are encouraged to bring examples of children they work with.

Price £105.00

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Elklan communication support for children with severe and complex needs

This accredited 8-Module Course is run over 2 ½ days and is aimed at professionals working with children with severe and complex communication needs within nurseries, pre-schools, special schools, primary and secondary schools.


  • What is communication?
  • Pre-intentional communication
  • Anticipating the event
  • Intentional communication
  • The link between play and language
  • Total communication
  • First messages
  • Linking it all together

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Price £375.00

Includes cost of workbook (£22) and Accreditation Fee (£57.50)

All Elklan courses are accredited through AptED

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Introduction to Sensory Integration/Processing

This two-day course has been developed for therapists, SENCOs and other professionals to understand the importance of Sensory Processing, and looks at practical ideas for the classroom, home and clinics.

Tutor: Lindsay Hardy; Occupational Therapist

This course is designed as an introduction to understanding Sensory Processing and SP difficulties.  Participants will be engaged in a mix of tutorials and hands-on activities to help understand the impacts on children’s development. It looks at how Sensory Integration difficulties can affect:

  • Attention
  • Behaviour
  • Motor milestones
  • Play
  • Selfcare
  • Academic skills

Key Outcomes:

  • Understand the term Sensory Processing
  • Understand the term Sensory Integration
  • Gain an overview of our sensory systems
  • Understand the impact of Sensory Processing on brain development
  • Identify behaviours that typically are indicative of sensory processing difficulties
  • Discuss the use of some sensory strategies for home and school

Price: £195.00

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