Wolfson funds secondary school upgrade.

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Wolfson funds secondary school upgrade.

Pace are extremely grateful and proud to have been awarded a Wolfson Foundation grant

to enable our secondary school students to have the maximum possible independence in personal selfcare as they prepare for adult life.

The curriculum in our secondary school is very much about transition to adult life. We aim to give our young people the skills they need to be independent problem-solvers in all facets of their lives. Wolfson have awarded Pace this grant under their strategic aim of promoting independent living for people with disabilities.

The grant awarded to Pace will allow us to add state-of-the-art bathroom facilities that will create an adaptable and flexible space for our young people no matter their challenges.

The introduction of high-low sinks and sides, support stations, shower beds and a new layout in each classroom will allow our young people better, independent access to bathroom facilities.

The positive impact of these facilities will last far beyond the years that our

young people come to school. The skills, confidence and self-esteem the young people gain from accessing such facilities will reach greater levels of independence and will in many cases reduce the amount of support they need in self-care.

The refurbishment is due to take place at Easter 2021. We will keep you all up to date on how the project develops.