Summer of Giving – host a tea party

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Summer of Giving – host a tea party

We have the fundraising resources to support you and your tea party event, from cake recipes to balloons and bunting. Your tea party could be a gathering of your closest friends at home or in your local park or a big summer garden banquet. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Host a Bake Off style event – choose a venue, encourage your friends, family, neighbours, to bake their creations and sell them. Buy a prize for the best looking/ best tasting creations as an incentive.
  • Organise an afternoon tea with a set course of sandwiches and cakes.
  • Spice up your tea party with cocktails. Encourage everyone to bring their chosen spirit and practice making cocktails.
  • Choose a theme and organise a tea party with that theme, eg, Mad Hatter, Bank Holiday Banquet, Strawberries and Prosecco.

Charge your guests £5 each, and if you have 10 people attend, that’s £50 donated to Pace! Sounds easy doesn’t it?

Use the hashtag #6kforPace to share your fun with us! Whatever the size of your get together this summer, help us raise £6,000 during the Summer of Giving. If you have any questions call Leah 01296 616974 or email us.

Go to Get Involved and start fundraising today!