Summer of Giving – host a tea party!

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Summer of Giving – host a tea party!

Tea parties are the perfect opportunity to get your friends together, and at the same time you can make brighter futures for children with motor disorders.

  • If your baking skills need work, why not host a Fake Off? Simply leave it to the experts and buy your bakes. You can even set a budget and see who can come up with the best bargain!
  • Pick a theme to go with your tea party, your bakes could be Red, Orange and Blue.
  • Add a little kick to your tea party with Red, Orange and Blue cocktails and Blue Lagoon yourself into the weekend!
  • Your tea parties don’t have to be sweet, they can be savoury too – sausage rolls, pies, quiche, whatever takes your fancy. It doesn’t have to just be cake.

Charge your guests £5 each, and if 10 people attend, that’s £50 donated to Pace! Sounds easy doesn’t it?

Use the hashtag #6kforPace to share your fun with us! Whatever challenge you take on this summer, please help us to raise £6,000 and change a child’s life.

If you have any questions, call Leah on 01296 616974 or email us today. THANK YOU!