Prague to Budapest Cycle Challenge

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Prague to Budapest Cycle Challenge

Love cycling?  Looking for a challenge?  Sign up now to our Prague to Budapest Cycle Challenge 27th September – 2nd October 2017.

Here is a short bio on Richard and Adventure Café (the company helping us with the organisation of the event).

Richard McLaughlin – Proud to be an Adventurer

During the 14 years of Adventure Café (and now Grand Tour Cycling our sister website) we have pioneered cycle rides in Romania, Albania, Sweden, Montenegro, Slovenia, Bosnia, Morocco, India, Thailand, Cambodia and many, many more.

More recently, Richard has managed a personal best ride of 400 km in a day, has qualified as an International Mountain Leader, and a Rock Climbing and Mountain Bike Leader. The upshot of all of this, is that he has a wealth of general adventure and challenge experience, built up across multiple disciplines, which can prove very useful when confronted with a challenging situation on an event, or on personal challenges.

Adventure Café

… started some 14 years ago, and has grown from a coffee shop, and an agency, into an event organising company working with the biggest names in the UK Corporate and Charity sectors. Our challenges started in UK hillwalking and moved on into European and Worldwide treks (Kilimanjaro, Atlas Mountains, Himalayas). We soon developed a special range of European treks – predominantly short break trips to the Alps, Pyrenees, Tuscan Alps, and Slovenia, although some of the major European Long Distance trails featured heavily in the early years. Since this time, we have added open canoeing, then rock climbing, caving, and trail running to the roster of challenge disciplines, but certainly the most popular, that came from a standing start (virtually) has been road cycling. We began our London to Paris events back in 2007 and have seen the diversity and popularity of road cycling develop at an exponential rate in recent years. We offer a range that spans from UK single day sportives, through to classic tailor made UK rides between cities (London Brighton, London Cambridge, Bristol Manchester), and on to an incredible kaleidoscope of European rides too numerous to mention.

European riding has become our hallmark – but not simply the heavily beaten paths of the classic French, Italian and Spanish favourites. We have always believed in pushing the boundaries further – and hence we are proud of our own routes – especially our Transfagarasan Express in Romania, our Trans Alp Munich to Venice, last years wonderful Zurich to Milan and possibly Richard’s favourite – the Stockholm to Copenhagen ride. Essentially, if it is on two wheels, and the riders are fit enough, then Adventure Café will make the arrangements, and willingly lead an event for you. Our rides are designed to be sociable, carefully lead, and offering service with a smile!

To sign up contact Kelly on