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Pace welcome new Patron

Pace are pleased to introduce Lindsay Gomme,  our newest Patron. Lindsay and Pace have a long entwined history. The Trustees, Staff and other Patron are honoured that Lindsay has take on this role as her story with our wonderful charity continues. Below Lindsay gives a brief summary of her ongoing advocacy of Pace.

“My first brush with PACE was in in the early 1990’s when, numbering fewer than a dozen children, it was housed between a cottage and a portacabin.  From the start I was struck by the care and devotion of the Staff, under the inspired direction of Heather Last, in maximising the children’s abilities taking into account both physical and mental needs together with their  potential.

Having had a brother with cerebral palsy, it was in marked contrast to the early fifties when care was, at most, sporadic as the little boy who used to smile regressed in adulthood to becoming unresponsive and often immobile.  It was the fact that PACE seemed to make such a difference to children’s lives that made me decide to work for them in the role of Administrator and then become a Trustee involved with fundraising events and introducing friends to the Charity.

During that time PACE moved into two new sites in Aylesbury where it is now helping over 100 children, until recently under the devoted care of Amanda Richardson, and now the welcome return of Ian Sansbury as Director and valuable support of the Chairman, Julian Lovelock.

I am extremely honored, therefore, to be asked to be a Patron of much needed resource for children like my brother and hope to take this opportunity to see more of the Staff and watch the children’s progress so that I can continue to spread the story of PACE from early beginnings to the centre of excellence it has become today.” Lindsay Gomme