Materials science day

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Materials science day

Yesterday we held our first whole school Science curriculum day based on the topic of ‘Materials’.

The children from our two sites came together to take part in workshops to explore, describe and test different materials, to use the materials to solve problems and to explore the materials in the dark room under UV light.

The day started with the children hearing the story of how the elephant got his trunk.  The elephant had no trunk and was a very smelly creature and the children were encouraged to use the various materials to solve problems for him.  They needed to make the elephant something to swish away the flies, something to hold water so he could have a wash, and something to reach the different parts of his body to have a good scrub.

The groups came together again at the end of the day and the children shared all the wonderful inventive ways in which they had made objects to solve the elephant’s problems.   A great day was had by all of our budding scientists with lots of hands on exploring and problem solving taking place.