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HarbourVest Donate A Day To Transform Lives

Moving house is hard work and it’s important to have a great team helping you. So PACE is hugely grateful to the team at HarbourVest in London for donating a corporate volunteering day to us in November. They helped PACE move into the brand-new Anniversary Building, the latest phase of our new Early Year’s Centre at the Bradbury Campus near Aylesbury, and also at our Primary School at Coventon Road, also in Aylesbury.

More than thirty of the HarbourVest team gave up a day working as one of the leading private investment firms in London to help move classrooms, shift and paint furniture, drill, tidy and clean at PACE’s two principle sites, and to be ready to celebrate the opening of the Anniversary Building the following week.

Kathleen Bacon, Managing Director at Harbourvest said “When we envisioned what a “help a charity day” would entail, we asked ourselves how one entire day would be helpful.  Our day at the PACE Centre was perfect and will be hard to match in the future.  Everyone was talking about how great it was.  We had a lot of laughs and we all felt a huge sense of accomplishment at the end of it all.  We have to admit, each task looked rather daunting at the start- moving an entire classroom of kit, weeding, tidying up  – but “many hands make light work”  and it was so gratifying to see the end result.  Our legs, arms, and back were all sore the following day  but we were  reminded many times when moving all the special mobility equipment for the children at PACE that we should be thankful for our ability to lift, carry, and walk with ease.”

Amanda Richardson, PACE’s Chief Executive said “We can’t thank the HarbourVest Team enough for all their help. The new Anniversary Building, and the whole Bradbury Campus, looks wonderful thanks to their amazing help and we are now ready to open the building. We really enjoyed welcoming the whole team to PACE and we were so impressed by their enthusiasm, hard work, teamwork and problem-solving approaches to the many tasks we asked them to do. Thank you, HarbourVest!”

If you or your organisation are interested in volunteering for PACE, we have lots of things that you could help us with – large or small! Please contact Mark Clay or Simon Ekless at PACE on 01296 614287.