Chris Hall raises over £7,000 for Pace as he rides 107km everyday for 107days

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Chris Hall raises over £7,000 for Pace as he rides 107km everyday for 107days

On the 16th December 2016, Chris Hall, Ripcor member and cycling fanatic, began a challenge to cycle 107km a day for 107 days, to raise money for the 107 children, with motor disorders such as cerebral palsy, who benefit from our onsite educational therapeutic services. Cycling at home on his Swift indoor trainer, as well as battling the British weather including rain, snow and the winds of storm Doris to complete his challenge…oh also whilst holding down a full-time job.

“I set myself challenges. Each time more and more unrealistic. I make them daunting, often terrifying. But it doesn’t matter how hard they are because I share my journey; my family and friends are the back bone of what I achieve.”


Day 39 saw Chris struck down with sickness but even this didn’t stop him from completing this epic challenge.

The journey that Chris has found himself on whilst undertaking this task was bigger and more rewarding than we could ever have imagined.  Chris surrounded himself with a great team, Ken “the coach”, Jimmi and Emily “the PR team!”, and Francis Cade “the camera man and editor”.

His social media presence soon grew as the cycling community learnt of this epic challenge, sharing videos (where his resolve and sense of humor prevailed), photos and messages. Chris soon built up a following of cyclists, businesses, and media, including The Wonderful Socks, who have designed special 107 socks to sell with 10 euros a pair coming to Pace.

Christ admits “it’s more of a mental challenge” battling through the tiredness, fatigue, cold, wind and rain was made easier by his cycling family and friends old and new.

As #107for107 grew, Chris continued to invite people to join him on his cycle and messages of support, donations and company on his ride increased, and he soon picked up the nick name of “Cycling’s Forest Gump”.

On day 103 Chris invited people to join him at the gates of London Zoo at 6am: the number of people who attend was overwhelming.

Day 103 was also the day the Sun featured Chris’ #107for107.  At this point Chris had raised just over £5,000. The movement had built well beyond what we thought possible. Chris’ humble and modest approach to this whole challenge was captured when Channel 5 news picked up the story which aired Friday 30 March.

Chris completed his #107for107 in Belgium, during his favourite race, the Flanders on April 1st and as his Wahoo ticked over to 107 the emotion overtook the 27 year old (he also had another 30km to go to reach the finish line).

He later talked of the pride in himself but also Francis Cade who had been by his side throughout the process. He also reflected on his motivation for his epic feat. “Four months is a long time… but I chose to do this…. These children don’t have a choice, it doesn’t end for them…”

For 107 days (four months) Chris got up at 4am, and cycled 107km a day, working this around his full-time job, through bad weather, then even worse weather and illness to raise money in support of our children and for that we thank him with the deepest sincerity.

Chris’ last post on Instagram shows his usual humble way:

chrishallrides This was taken at the finish line of the @rondevanvlaanderencyclo. I’d long done the 107km distance for the final day. I was tired and sore. I was emotional. But I was proud. One of the things I’m most proud of is how @francisccade has single handedly gained this challenge, and @thepacecentre so much exposure. Not only exposure to helping people understand what an amazing charity it is. But also raising awareness so other families who need the support know that there’s a charity out there that they can reach out to. I’ve had a bit of time to reflect and think about it all now, 2 days on. People are congratulating me for this. But really the people who have ended up helping along the way like Francis, you know who you are, need to be congratulated and thanked. This wouldn’t have happened without your support. So, thank you. Check out the final day video in Francis’ profile link. There’s still time to donate. Link in my website. #107for107

Hear-hear Chris!

You can read more here on Chris’ website or you can DONATE here

  • Bruce Adams

    2nd July 2018

    This is a wonderful effort. I wish there could be a World cycling day for charity.