Become a member, shop at Co-op, donate to Pace!

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Become a member, shop at Co-op, donate to Pace!

We’re pleased to let you know that Pace has been chosen for this round of the Co-op Local Community Fund. Donations will come from Co-op members. In all participating Co-op Food stores and funeral homes, 1% of everything you spend on Co-op branded products and services will be donated to Pace from 9 April to 7 October. If you’re a Co-op member, you can keep and eye on funds being raised for Pace by signing into your Co-op membership account.

There are lots of things you an do to tell as many people as possible that you’re taking part in our fund:

  • Encourage people you know to become members
  • Engage with social media campaigns, a simple share of a related post can help us maximise the Pace influence in our local area
  • Attach a simple link to your personal/ work emails telling people to choose Pace
  • Choose Co-op branded products when you shop

The more members that choose Pace, the more you will be supporting the exceptional children. Together you can make great things happen in your community!

If you’ve got any questions contact Leah in the fundraising team on 01296 616974  or email

Not a member? Click the picture and become on today!