Bank holiday madness!

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Bank holiday madness!

This bank holiday weekend is a perfect opportunity to have that overdue catch up with your friends. You could bake up some delicious delights, or shake up a few cocktails. Take a look at our ideas below for inspiration.

How does it work.
A little extra something added to your bank holiday weekend party can make a huge difference to young lives.

  • Pick an evening to host a bank holiday banquet and invite your friends
  • Choose a theme to go with your party, your theme could be red, orange and blue (Pace colours).
  • If your baking skills need work, why not host a Fake Off? Simply leave it to the experts and buy your bakes. You can even set a budget and see who can come up with the best bargain!
  • Add a little kick to your party with Cosmopolitans, Aperol Spritzers, Blue Lagoons and shake yourself into the weekend!
  • Your tea parties don’t have to be sweet, they can be savoury too – sausage rolls, pies, quiche, whatever takes your fancy. It doesn’t have to just be cake.
  • Pace can provide collection pots and fundraising materials, place them on the table and drinks area and encourage people to make a donation. If each person donated a minimum of £10 and you have 10 people attend, you have contributed £100 to support the children at Pace. Sounds simple doesn’t it?

Request your bank holiday fundraising pack today!*
Not sure the weather is going to be on your side? Take a look at some of our other ideas here.
Whatever your idea, however big or small, do it for the exceptional children at Pace.

If you have any questions regarding Summer of Giving, please contact Leah in the fundraising team on 01296 616974 or email me.

*Packs contain collection tins, balloons, “About Pace” flyers and garden games ideas!