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The Pace Draw is a monthly lottery run by Pace and registered with (and authorised by) Aylesbury Vale District Council.

To minimise costs (and maximise the prizes and fundraising), the draw is run by direct debit mandate.

Entrants must be aged 16 or over, with a bank account.

The draw takes place at the end of each month.

Congratulations to our winners!

And the winners are…

1st    S Curtis
2nd    T Atkinson
3rd    S Marshall
1st    D O’Connor
2nd    A Spittles
3rd    C Sommer
1st   R Shoult
2nd   M Pereira
3rd   S Curtis
1st    M Moystn
2nd    J Eadie
3rd    I Gates

1st K John-Pierre

2nd S Richards

3rd I Gates


1st M Price
2nd J Sherratt
3rd A Boffin


1st L Felce
2nd I Lee
3rd G Elsby

+ - What is Pace?

Pace is a charity transforming the lives of children with disabilities. See the Pace homepage for more details on our work with children.

+ - What is The Pace Draw? And how often does it take place?

The Pace Draw is a monthly lottery run by Pace and registered with, and authorised by, Aylesbury Vale District Council.

+ - What are the prizes?

Monthly prizes are currently £500 for 1st prize, £250 for 2nd and £100 for 3rd.

+ - When are the draw dates? And how are the winners announced?

The draw takes place at the end of each month. The names of the winners will be announced here and each winner will be notified immediately by telephone or email.

+ - How much does each ticket cost? And what is the minimum and maximum number of tickets that I can buy?

Each entry costs just £2 and you can buy just one number if you so wish. Most supporters commit to £10 per month, which would currently give entrants a 1 in 90 chance of winning a cash prize every month. There is no maximum number of tickets that can be bought by one person.

+ - Can I not pay by cheque or cash?

Unfortunately we are unable to take cheques or cash for the draw. With a minimum entry cost of just £2, we need to keep the administration costs to a minimum so we can raise more money and give more in prizes.

+ - Who can enter? And how does one enter?

Anyone over the age of 16 with a bank account can enter. Exception from the Promoter and the administrator (details below).

You can sign up online here.

+ - Can I choose my own numbers? And can I choose to change them every month?

No, your numbers will be allocated to you automatically by our system and you will be informed of them soon after you have signed up. Once allocated, you will keep the same lottery numbers for as long as your direct debit payment is maintained.

+ - What will happen if I don’t pay one month? Will I still keep my same numbers for future draws?

If payment is not received for a particular month, your lottery numbers will be removed from that draw. Pace then reserves the right to reallocate your lottery numbers to new entrants. If you then rejoin, you will be allocated a new number per entry.

+ - Can I change the number of tickets I enter for each and every draw?

We hope that supporters will set their monthly amount at a level they feel comfortable paying on a regular basis, thus avoiding us having to cancel and reissue numbers every month, which would substantially increase administration costs. However, if you have signed up and want to take additional numbers, you are of course welcome to do so. Please complete a new application for the extra numbers.

+ - When will the direct debit be taken? And how will the direct debit payment appear on my bank statement?

For new entrants, the direct debits will be collected on or around the 10th day of each month. On your bank statement the payment will be labelled “Pace Draw”.

+ - How do I know the draw will be fair? And what happens if one of the Pace team wins a prize?

To qualify for our lottery licence, we need to make sure the Pace Draw is run in an independent and fair way. To meet these conditions and comply with the lottery rules, Ann Tomkins, Director of Finance at Pace, has been appointed promoter. Caroline Bennett, Director of Fundraising, is the administrator of the lottery. Ann, Caroline nor their families can participate in the draw.

+ - How do I find out if I’ve won a prize?

We will inform you as soon as possible after the draw is made, using any or all of the contact details you gave us when you entered. Additionally, all draw results will be available on the Pace website. You can always phone us to check on 01296 614287. Please ask to speak to Caroline Bennett.

+ - Any other questions?

Please contact us by email at or call Caroline Bennett on 01296 614287.

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