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Keeping the children and their families at the centre of all we do

We understand that your child is the centre of your world. We know that you want to do the very best for them, to aid their development, help them towards independence and show them just how much you love and care for them. We also understand the challenges you face as a family of a child with a disability, with an identified developmental delay, or if you are simply concerned about your child’s development.

At Pace, we make sure we keep the children and you, their family, at the centre of all we do.

Our goal is to work with you, to give you the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to support your child. We will share our expertise and experience with you, offer you training and advice, introduce you to new friends and give you the chance to meet and talk with other parents and families.

Pace is a community, and we are here to support you when things are difficult, work with you to continue your child’s development and celebrate every achievement with you.

We are here to support you

Supporting parents

To give you the skills and knowledge you need to support your child with confidence.

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Cerebral palsy

To help you learn more about the disorder, its causes and interventions.

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Ages 0-4

To help you find out more about our PIPs Service and our nursery.

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Ages 5-14

To help you find out more about our unique approach and integrated curriculum that is tailored to your child’s needs.

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Pace community

To work with children, young people and families affected by sensory motor disorders in the community.

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Real life stories

Current and past parents share their experiences and thoughts about Pace.

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Our approach

The Pace approach is delivered collaboratively by a transdisciplinary team of professionals who combine their educational, therapeutic and clinical specialist disciplines to deliver an integrated programme tailored to your child’s needs and potential.

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