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Leading the way in education and therapy for children with sensory motor disorders

For more than 25 years, Pace has been working with children with cerebral palsy, developing an innovative and specialist approach to increase physical ability, develop communication skills and improve inclusion in education. Our experience and knowledge means that Pace now supports – and has a positive impact on – the lives of more than 200 children and young people with a range of sensory motor disorders. The Pace approach supports children to develop their self-esteem, independence, educational and social skills. Our aim is to share our knowledge and approach with you so that more children with motor disorders can be supported to reach their full potential.

Greater understanding and working with children with sensory motor disorders

Training for professionals

Empowering you to support children with sensory motor disorders.

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Understanding cerebral palsy

Information on cerebral palsy and what it means for the children who have the disorder.

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Early intervention is vital for children with sensory motor disorders. Find out more about our 0-4 years services.

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Pace community

Working with schools and professionals to support children and their families in the community.

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A range of links, information and references about sensory motor disorders and disabilities.

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Stats and facts

Key statistics and information about sensory motor disorders and disabilities.

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Our approach at Pace

The Pace approach is delivered collaboratively by a transdisciplinary team of professionals who combine their educational, therapeutic and clinical specialist disciplines to deliver an integrated programme tailored to the individual child’s needs and potential.

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