Will you lend us a helping hand this Christmas?

Pace / Will you lend us a helping hand this Christmas?

CONGRATULATIONS! Our bus is on the road and we are so thrilled! In less than 3 weeks you’ve raised a little over £30,000 and given Pace and its children their minibus- we are truly overwhelmed.

So what’s next? If you want to support this appeal, you still can. Our children are more than ready to jump aboard and YOU can help us to fund our first adventures!

Your additional donations could fund a visit to an art gallery to bring their classes to life; regular swimming lessons to help them both physically and emotionally; the chance to go Christmas shopping and choose presents for their loved ones while actively using their maths and communication skills. There are SO many opportunities this bus now gives our children, and YOU can make these experiences happen, so click here today if you’d like to play a part.

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How you can get involved

By donating to Pace, you will be providing amazing learning experiences for our young people, helping them to grow in confidence and enabling them to do the things they love. THANK YOU!

Once you have donated, remember to share it on social media! Every donation and every share will add to their adventures.


Your valuable donation will help a child enjoy:


Experiencing the world beyond the school as regularly as possible –  visits to art galleries, a trip to the theatre. Not only to…


Our teaching within the school covers so many important areas- both the national curriculum as well as speech and language


Taking the children to regular swimming lessons, building everyday life skills such as money and following a shopping list.


We want our children to be part of the community, to feel included. A visible and active part of the neighbourhood.


We want to give our children the confidence they need to be as independent as possible now.