Covid-19 update

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Covid-19 Risk Mitigation Steps

Pace is moving to reduce Covid-19 restrictions on our service. Each child and situation will be assessed individually to ensure that the use of PPE, distancing and ventilation reflect the vulnerability of the children we work with.

The key elements of our risk mitigation for Covid-19, which are articulated in substantially more detail in our individual risk assessments, are as follows:

  • Symptom Awareness/ Entry to Buildings

Guests entering the building will be asked to consider a LFT test before attending. Staff and Guests are asked not to attend if they have any form of respiratory illness.

  • Screening

Additional safety screening remain in place at reception. Additional hygiene stations will be provided at entrances into buildings and classrooms. Specific sinks will be dedicated as handwash-only.

  • Ventilation

Workspaces will be well ventilated wherever possible, through open windows and skylights.

  • Cleaning

Additional periodic cleaning will be conducted during working hours (high contact areas, door handles, toilets etc.). Thorough evening cleans as standard.

  • PPE

PPE will be deployed as appropriate across our services, as outlined in our detailed service risk assessments.