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Your impact

By taking on one of our 3 Peaks Challenges you can make a huge impact on the children and young people who use Pace services.

There are lots of ways you can collect your sponsorship and maximise how much you raise.

Remember, your entry fee goes towards the cost of organising the event, but it’s the money you raise through sponsorship that goes towards helping us support the inspirational children and young people who access Pace services.

Although there is a minimum sponsorship target for the event, we hope you’ll aim high and raise as much as possible.

You can make a BIG difference

Every year, we hold a number of events, bringing together hundreds of individuals all willing to make a difference and go that extra mile and help transform young lives.  Welcome to the Pace family.

Break it down

We know that for some people fundraising can be daunting, or you may not know where to start.  Just remember, we are here to help you and will be providing you with useful hints, tips and guidance along the way.

If you break it down into smaller pieces, it may feel less scary and more achievable. Just remember in order to raise £100, all you need is 20 people to sponsor you just £5 each or 10 people to sponsor you just £10 each!

Your fundraising page

When you register for one of our 3 Peaks Challenges, your basic fundraising page will automatically be set up for you.  Here are some tips to get the most out of your page:

1.  Add a photo – fundraisers who add a profile picture tend to raise 15% more.
2.  Add a fundraising story – an engaging story can make all the difference.
3.  Set a fundraising target – target setters raise up to 46% more.
4.  Add a fundraising summary – make sure your supporters know what you’re doing, for who and why.
5.  Add updates – regular updates keep your page looking fresh and give you opportunities to share it.
6.  Is there a group of you walking – pages that are part of a team raise an average of 10% more.
7.  Ask the person you expect to be most generous to sponsor you first, others are then likely to be more generous.
8.  Add any money you’ve raised offline – so everyone can see the total amount you’ve raised.

Set yourself a target

Think big. It’s a great way to motivate yourself and encourage your supporters. When you’re close to your target, why not raise the bar? It’ll keep the sponsorship rolling in.

Get social

Tell your friends and family what you are doing on social media and send them the link to your online fundraising page. Take your paper sponsor form everywhere with you as you never know who you may see and collect donations as you go.

Make a video

An engaging story makes all the difference, and what better way to spread your fundraising message than through video. Make a short video on your phone or video camera about why you’re fundraising and share it on social media. Remember to tag us in @thepacecentre.

Ask your employers

Many employers will match their employees’ fundraising so don’t forget to ask yours. Also adapt your e-mail signature and add a line at the bottom telling people about the event you are doing. Don’t forget to include a link to your online fundraising page!

Use social media

Don’t forget to use social media to help spread the word about your fundraising:

  • Like the Pace facebook page here
  • Post about your challenge tagging us in @thepacecentre – we can share your posts and make comments
  • Like the event page on facebook here and mark yourself as going
  • Comment about why you are fundraising for Pace – take pictures if you are out and about training leading up to the hike and share them with us – this all helps promotion of the hike
  • If you don’t already have one, set up a twitter account as it has been proven that twitter does sometimes lead to donations
  • Once you have set up a twitter account, please follow Pace @thepacecentre and then we can share your posts and vice versa
  • When using twitter remember to use hashtags such as #cerebralpalsy #disabledchildren #bigwalk etc as this will mean that your tweet will have a larger reach
  • Use videos and photos rather than lots of text, people are more engaged with something visual

Think outside of the box

You don’t just have to depend on asking for sponsorship, why not organise an event (obviously adhering to current government guidance) and raise money that way.

Here are just a few ideas which can be done virtually:

  • girl’s night in
  • curry night
  • poker night
  • quiz night

The options are endless, think of ways of layering your fundraising when doing an event, for example, as well as doing a quiz night, hold a raffle, or play heads and tails.

If you need more advice, contact

Thank people

Saying thank you to your supporters is important and there are many ways you can do so.

  • Say thank you face to face
  • Update the story on your page
  • Send a tweet
  • Update your Facebook status
  • Send emails out to your donors

Need extra help?

Ask us for any additional resources that you think would help. We can provide Pace logos, collection tins/buckets, quotes for press releases and more.

If you need more advice, contact

Gift Aid

Gift Aid can add 25% to the total that you raise by claiming back tax that has been paid on donations. Remind donors to tick the gift aid box if they pay tax.